Pia Antonsen Rognes is a visual artist from Trondheim, Norway.

Opposing associations and anthropomorphic qualities are consistent expressions in her sculptural work, and link to a thematic investigation of destructive behaviour.

Pia recieved a Master's degree in Fine Arts from Iceland Academy of the Arts, and a Bachelor's degree specializing in textile from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts.

For more information on Pia's work, to get in touch regarding projects or exhibitions, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 IN YOUR ARMS, 0,9, Trondheim, Norway

2021 IN YOUR ARMS, Babel, Trondheim, Norway

2021 IN YOUR ARMS, Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, Norway

2020 Shapes of Violence, Slå på Kunst, Arkitektenes Hus, Trondheim

2019 Desiring Violence,  Galleri Elgen, Norway

2018 Desiring Violence, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, Trondheim, Norway

2016 In This Fever of Defiance, SOFT Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2014 Domesticating a Beast, festival exhibition at Filmfest Vatn, Åsen, Norway

2013 Soil for Rotten Seeds, Kubbur, Reykjavik, Iceland

Group Exhibitions

2024 Upcoming exhibition at Heimdal Kunstforening, Trondheim, Norway

2023 Upcoming exhibition in Gabrovo, Bulgaria

2023 47th Trøndelagsutstillingen, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art/ Nils Aas kunstverksted, Inderøy

2022 46th Trøndelagsutstillingen, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art/ Kunstmuseet NordTrøndelag

2022 Matrix of Gender, Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthall, Arendal, Norway

2021 Hannah Ryggen Army, Stiklestad, Norway

2020 Sommerveita, Craft exhibition, Trondheim Norway

2020 Trondheim Open, TKM Gråmølna, Trondheim Norway

2020 The Annual Craft Exhibition, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø Norway

2020 As handsome as the chance encounter, RAM Gallery, Oslo Norway

2019 Kunst i Bergstaden, Bergstaden Hotel, Røros Norway

2019 Seeping through the camouflage of my pale skin my soft words, duo exhibition, Format Gallery Oslo, Norway

2018 HUNGER, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, Trondheim Norway

2018 PINK, QB Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2018 Talente 2018, Munich, Germany

2016 The Annual Craft Exhibition, Hydrogenhallen, Fredrikstad, Norway

2015 The 39th Trøndelagsutstillingen,Trondheim and Levanger, Norway

2014 Graduation Exhibition MA, Gerdarsafn - Kopavogur Art Museum, Iceland

2013 The Annual Craft Exhibition, The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo

2013 National Art Exhibition 126, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway

2013 Undir Berum Himni, Reykjavik, Island

2013 SamÞætting, Einar Jónsson Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

2012 Soft Concrete, Cafe Opera, Bergen, Norway

2012 Graduation Exhibition BA, Gamle Bergen Kretsfengsel, Bergen, Norway

2011 Interconnections, Platform, AudaxTextielmuseum, Tilburg, Netherlands

2011 Soft Concrete, NorskTikotasjemuseum, Salhus, Norway

2010 Ab Ovo, Skostredet, Bergen, Norway

2010 Plastisk Makt, duo exhibition, Strømgaten, Bergen, Norway

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